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Art Dolls Only Challenge 2017: True Colors

All doll makers love a challenge... Do you need a little motivation to make a doll?
Here it is - Art Dolls Only is hosting a doll challenge called "True Colors" .... 
I am sure you have heard of these colloquial sayings.... 
"white as the driven snow" 
"seeing red" 
"green with envy'
'blue in the face"
"tickled pink"
Create an art doll inspired by one of the colorful idioms above.
This challenge starts on 13 March 2017 and  will finish on 13 May 2017
To participate in this challenge - post an image  on our Facebook Event page . If that is not possible for you, just leave me a message on this blog in the comments section below.  I will then message you my email address and you can email me your photo.
You may post an image of your doll (completed or in progress) any time from now.
You do not need to be a member of Art Dolls Only to participate in the challenges shared here!
This is not a competition but a prompt to inspire you to create and a showcase of what you can create.
 .This challenge allows plenty of time but don't stop at one art doll! You can use any medium ie paper, cloth, felt, clay etc but the creation MUST be a doll in representation.
It is understood by posting  your photos they  will also be used ( credit given) on this blog.

Here are some entries in our last challenge " In your Neighbourhood" 

 By Ulla Anobile: I think my CAT'S PAJAMAS qualifies as a neighborhood character, since she's based on a feral (now semi-feral) community cat called Muru. The doll is hand stitched wool/rayon felt, 11 1/2" tall.
by JB Turla: Hi this alexandra.She is a volunteer.She rescue and adopt abandoned,sick and stray cat.She give shelter,food and medicine.She didn't have anything but all she need in return pls.adopt a cat. 
.By  Linda Nowlin (dollsdollsdollsbyLinda)). Meet Gay Wright my ADO challenge doll, who lives on a small gourd farm in Central Texas. A women who knows no limits. Chickens have been one of her passions for many years. In fact, when she comes to visit me she usually brings a live rooster who patiently sits on her lap. Her earrings are made of rooster spurs. Her tee shirts are usually holy covered by a lace over blouse which she crocheted. If she is not fighting off the neighbors goats, she mowing and mowing trying to keep the grass in tow. 

 by Wilma Simmons : left to right - Office manager,  House wife , Florist, Doctor - Machine stitched stump dolls 


Warrior Women and Cartoons - ADO CHALLENGES

Art dolls -  Red by Rosanna Pereyra Michelle and Supergirl by Mandy Vella Murdica 

Art Dolls Only Monthly challenges are a wonderful way to highlight the amazing talents of both ADO members and followers. Congratulations to all who participated. I think your art dolls are magical and inspiring. I hope many others will follow your example and join some of the exciting challenges coming up each month in 2014.

APRIL : Warrior Women
Mother Earth by Diana Biscaioli 

White Crow by Sharon Matthews 

Cahira by Susan Wasson 
Boadicea by Amy Harrold 

Queen Maureen by Fay King 

little Victoria by Chicho , Bel &  Chic Creaciones Exclusivas
"A true warrior is not one who always wins but despite defeat, she never gives up"

MAY : Cartoons /Comics
Wonder Woman by jbTurla 

Tribute to the illustrator, Moebius by Chico, Bel &Chic 
and a few more ...
Warrior Woman by Alessandra Nicolin
Batman by Arelly Andrade 
Angry Bird by Wilma Simmons 


CLOUDS : ADO March 2014 Challenge

" Aquarius - Zodiac Sign" by Athina Koufaki 

The ADO  monthly challenge theme for March 2014  was  "CLOUDS." 
In meteorology, a cloud is a visible mass of liquid droplets or frozen crystals made of water or various chemicals suspended in the atmosphere above the surface of a planetary body.  As you can see , art doll creators found many creative and different interpretations of "clouds" to inspire  them
Kymeli Mary Zeaki provided a beautiful angel on fluffy clouds as the challenge cover girl  
Visions of blue and white by Amy Esry, Maggie Tuite and Monica Smart 

White clouds and sunny days inspired jp Turla and Aurelia Nowak 
Grey clouds by Wilma Simmons 

Reminder : You do not need to be a member of Art Dolls Only to participate in the challenges shared here! The challenge themes change each month and  have been suggested by ADO members and have been randomly chosen.... check them out on the Art Dolls Only  Events page  and remember to click on past events to see all the great creations in past challenges as well as the current one.